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Products from Villaoscura

What we do?

And that is what we do: we put a little piece of us in each creation and try to stay away with fashionable, ordinary and boring things. Do we think alike?

Wall clocks

How lifeless and empty your walls feel without these special clocks. The good thing is that we have the solution. Yes? Having Cthulhu, Azathoth or even Jason Voorhees giving you the time of day is priceless. Well, if truth must be told, it has a price, but do you agree you're going to be satisfied?

  • Wall clock jason voorhess mask Friday 13th
  • Coffinshaped wall clock Cthulhu Lovecraft
  • Coffin-shaped wall clock Xenomorph of Alien

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Table clocks

Same fun as the wall clocks but with a smaller size. So that when you wake up in the middle of the night, after hearing strange noises, you can see what time it is in the clock on your bedside table. Mind you, initially it can be frightening, but as time goes by you get used to it. Or so they say.

  • Coffin-shaped table clock, Sam - Trick 'r treat Halloween movie
  • Coffin-shaped table clock, Count Orlok - Nosferatu
  • Coffin-shaped table clock, zombie pin up

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One of a kind dolls

They may look like simple paper mache dolls, but each one carries inside a piece of ours (no, this time it is not literal). Each creature has been conceived and developed with the utmost care in details. That's why we are the official portraitists of the Underworld.

  • Paper mache doll little plague doctor
  • Paper mache doll, Worm with gas mask
  • Paper mache doll Sad mermaid

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Gothic Necklaces

Pay attention, if these necklaces succeed among all the fauna that comes to our parties we don't even imagine the impact that you will cause by wearing them in your future finery. Our necklaces are personally designed and sewn by hand. We use lace, bows and feathers of the best quality, of course.

  • Necklace black choker with feathers
  • Underworld pin up models Christmas ornaments
  • Underworld pin up models Christmas ornaments

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Pen holders

How weirder can it get than a pen holder staring at you? Baring its fangs at you? Yes, they are so charming: you may even end up putting a name on them. But be warned to get it right, just in case they don’t feel happy about it.

  • Penholder albine monster
  • Penholder classic monsters of Hammer horror movies
  • Penholder kraken tentacles

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Hand decorated boxes

A different kind of box: acrylic hand painted, giving them a unique feel. We know you are not a fashion victim and that you want to own really special things. Well, here you are.

  • Hand painted wooden box Beauty demon
  • Decoupage wooden box Lillith, queen of the night
  • Hand painted wooden box Sad mermaid

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Christmas ornaments

Christmas can be creepy if you live in Villaoscura. Every year, our Christmas tree is decorated with eyeballs, spiderwebs (and some spiders too) and a few tiny bones. But this year we want make some changes. We think that those classic horror movies characters are cute enough to glow in your tree.

  • Horror Christmas ornaments
  • Underworld pin up models Christmas ornaments
  • Underworld pin up models Christmas ornaments

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Our elegant brooches are always ready for the most special occasions. Either hand painted in Shrink plastic, or decorated with decoupage, they will add to your attire the original touch that you crave for. We all like to make a difference.

  • Coffin-shaped brooch of Morticia Addams
  • Shrink plastic brooch of Vampire skull
  • Wooden brooch of Delirium, of the Endless, Sandman

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